Transforming Exfoliator


Combines AHA with granular exfoliating beads to remove built up dead skin cells every time you exfoliate. Formulated with 10% Glycolic Acid to leave the skin looking healthier, smoother and less oily.

Product Description

* Exfoliating Beads – Contains gentle exfoliating beads to remove dead skin cells and unblock pores that cause breakouts, black heads & white heads whilst minimizing irritation providing a mild scrub.
* Trigger new collagen production – 10% Gycolic Acid removes dead skin cells from the surface while also penetrating deep into the cells to trigger collagen production reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
* Soothing & Anti-inflammatory – Contains Vitamin E Complex, Licorice Extract and Rosehip Oil to reduce redness and irritation from UV exposure and acne lesions whilst reducing inflammatory symptoms.




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