Revitalize Anti-Ageing SPF15 Day Cream


This is a luxurious and light feeling day cream designed to provide superior hydration and protection from the elements.

Product Description

* Stimulates Collagen Growth
Advanced Anti-Ageing Peptides stimulate 6 components in the skin including 3 types of allages, natural hyaluronic acid and fibronectic for ultimate collagen and elastin stimulation.
* Wrinkle Reduction in 28 days – Fills wrinkles from the inside utilising a new advanced peptide that mimics skin function to create a filler-like effect. Clinical studies show a reduction in crows feet in 28 days.
* Sun Protection – Delivering a SPF-15 broad spectrum protection utilising new technology which delivers triple protection on both a physical chemical and reflective level. Combined with Vitamin E to boost efficancy and protect skin barriers.




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