Year: 2020


How to get the best look out of your home

Our home is a place of sanctuary, it is where we keep all of prized (and priceless) possessions and we want it to look as immaculate as possible.
People tend to focus more on the interior of their home as opposed to the exterior forgetting the value that this will bring to their home as well as the impression it leaves.
One such way that people can spark some joy back into their home is through landscaping and concreting.

A tried and tested way to add value and beauty to your home a spray concrete driveway is the perfect way to bring your old looking concrete back to life and keep it looking fresh. It’s a lot cheaper than the regular (or classic) methods of concreting and is also environmentally friendly which is an added bonus!

Concrete resurfacing is essentially adding a decorative layer to your concrete, kind of like applying makeup, except that this results in a longer lasting finish and amazing results.

So, if you are stuck for ways to increase your property value, try resurfacing your driveway and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what that can accomplish.

Home & Lifestyle


Welcome to our page! It is here to share some of my favourite home and lifestyle tips that we hope will be of value to you. There is a lot of inspiration out there and this is evident in the huge library that is the world wide web!

As a purveyor of all things fashion, design and lifestyle, we are seeking to inform and give you some insight into the little things that will make your life easier. From landscaping to baking, moving and shaking and everything in between, we’ll collate some of the best tips and create some articles that are as enjoyable for you to read as they are for us to write.

The hope for this is that we can grow to create a plethora of information written by experts in each industry but not take it too seriously, we just really enjoy writing and expressing our thoughts and opinions and are grateful that we have this amazing platform to do this.

As these articles get written, we’ll be looking for your insight and feedback as to how we can make this better. Everything from home renovation to video game creation will be covered and we’d love to hear from you as to what you would like in this blog.

Over the next few weeks and months, you should hopefully start seeing this space fill out with amazing content that you get some great value out of.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy your time on this blog and we look forward to getting the chance to share our creative juices with you and spread the knowledge that we are looking to offer you here.

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